Delicacies from around the world

Make summer your main event and set out on a culinary trip around the world in the fabulous atmosphere at Rathausplatz!

Under the supervision of long-term partner DO & CO, the dining area will be transformed into a sublime restaurant space again this year. Each day, several gourmet stands will offer an exquisite, always freshly prepared selection of food and drinks.

The table units are arranged at the mandatory minimum distance; a one-time registration is mandatory.

Anyone who registers online or on site will receive a personal QR code via mail, which will be active in the dining area until September 6th, i.e. the end of Film Festival 2020. This eliminates the need for a daily reservation. If you feel like visiting Carmen’s Corner on Rathausplatz, just drop by, scan your code, take a seat and enjoy.

Payment is only possible by credit or debit card. The entrance to the dining area is located on Ringstrasse.

Culinary highlights

  • Viennese and Austrian cuisine
  • Mediterranean cuisine (on-site focaccia bakery and fresh pasta production, fish market, specialities from Spain, Greece and Turkey)
  • Asian cuisine (Japanese teppanyaki and Indian curry with freshly baked naan bread)
  • Healthy cuisine (salads, vegetarian specialities, poke bowls)
  • Burgers
  • Sweet treats (fresh Kaiserschmarrn, apricot dumplings)

This offer is rounded out by Viennese wine and various cocktail specialities.