FAQ – frequently asked questions

When can I reserve for the film I want to see?2020-06-30T10:39:15+02:00

Every Monday, the ticket contingents are activated for the following week. So you can on Monday, July 13th. already book your ticket for the week from July 20-26. On July 20th you can reserve for the 27. 07. – 02.08. and so on.

I am alone / we are 3 people – how do we reserve in the cinema area?2020-06-26T10:56:32+02:00

If you come alone, you can book a double box and get 2 tickets – 1 ticket expires. Groups of 3 people should book a box for 4 people. (Click on 4 seats!) You will receive 4 tickets – 1 ticket expires.

Why are there two separate events this year?2020-06-25T14:07:06+02:00

Due to the legal measures that have been put in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it is not possible to hold the Film Festival in the familiar format of previous years. We have therefore decided to host two separate events. Doing so enables us to comply with the safety and distancing regulations as well as the protective measures.

How will you guarantee that the legally stipulated minimum distance is maintained throughout the event site?2020-06-25T14:07:29+02:00

The entire area is organised in accordance with the prescribed distances. Furthermore, the entrance and exit areas are managed using structural measures and floor markings. Security staff and stewards will also ensure that crowds do not form. We also counting on visitors’ sense of personal responsibility when it comes to observing the legally stipulated measures.

How soon before the start of the performance do I need to be there?2020-06-25T14:07:53+02:00

Reservations must be redeemed at least half an hour before the film starts, otherwise the reservation will no longer be valid.

How many people may be seated in a box?2020-06-25T14:08:14+02:00

The boxes have space for 2 or 4 people. If there are three of you, please book a box for 4 people. You will then receive 4 tickets. Groups of 5 people can book a 4-person and a 2-person box next to each other. You will then receive 6 tickets. If you come alone, you can book a double box and get 2 tickets.

What if I have to use the toilet during the performance?2020-06-25T14:08:38+02:00

With a valid reservation confirmation you can leave and re-enter the site. Attention! Please take 0,50 € in cash for the toilet and don’t forget to wear nose-mouth protection!

Will there be a Children’s Opera Festival this year?2020-06-25T14:09:01+02:00

No, because we cannot guarantee compliance with the distancing regulations in this area.

Is the open-air cinema still free to attend?2020-06-25T14:09:27+02:00

Yes, even during these exceptional circumstances, the City of Vienna continues to offer all residents of Vienna as well as visitors to the city free access to high culture.