Stand Nr. 09 - Vietnam

Saigon Restaurant

Highlights of the menu:
Vietnamese specialities & summerrolls

Special drink:
Green bomb – Coconut Jelly, basil, mint and Aloevera Juice


Summerrolls | Banh Xeo – Vietnamese Omelet with Herbs, Chicken, Shrimps, Soy Sprouts, Green Beans, Fish Sauce | Bun Chay – Rice Noodles and 2 pieces of vegetarian Spring Rolls

It’s a hot summer and the Vietnamese are pros at delicious hot weather cuisine. Head down to Saigon’s stand for some Instagram-worthy Viet summer rolls, their famous Banh Xeo – Vietnamese Omelet or you might want to try Bun Chay – Rice Noodles and vegetarian Spring Rolls. Our secret tip: Sweeten up your summer with a Coconut Whisper…


Getreidemarkt 7
1060 Wien
Tel. +43 1 585 63 95

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