Stand Nr. 01 - Beer stand

Ottakringer Brewery

Highlights of the menu: Giant pretzels with salt, veal sausage with Pretzl Stick
Special drink: Cherry beer
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Stand Nr. 02 - Austrian cuisine

Nigls Gastwirtschaft

Highlights of the menu: Cheese Spaetzle, Oven-fresh roast pork
Special drink: Wheat beer from the barrel
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Stand Nr. 03 - Vietnam

Saigon Restaurant

Highlights of the menu: Viet Summer Rolls, Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Omelette)
Special drink: Vietnam Style Iced Coffee
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Stand Nr. 04 - Steaks & Co

Flatschers Restaurant & Bar

Highlights of the menu: NY Flank Steak, Rib Eye Steak
Special drink: Raspberry Bowl
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Stand Nr. 05 - Viennese Cuisine

Stephan Die Gastwirtschaft mit Bar

Highlights of the menu: Viennese Escalope, Baked Swiss cheese
Special drink: Homemade Iced Tea
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Stand Nr. 06 - Mexico

Marx Bar-Restaurant-Lounge

Highlights of the menu: Burritos, Tacos
Special drink: Tequila
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Stand Nr. 07 - Asia

Ra'mien Go

Highlights of the menu: Chili-Beef, Dim Sum
Special drinks: Melon Wine Mix
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Stand Nr. 08 - USA

Coca Cola

Highlights of the menue: Burgers, Chicken Wings
Special drink: Draft IPA beer
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Stand Nr. 09 - Vienna Scene

U4 Vienna

Highlights of the menu: Ceviche, Prawn skewer
Special drink: Austrian Gin Selection
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Stand Nr. 10 - Street Food International

Die Schwemme Wiener Bistro

Highlights of the menu: NY Style Pastrami Sandwich, Baked Sweet Potato
Special drink: Margaritas
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Stand Nr. 11 - Scene


Highlights of the menu: Beef Skewer, Chicken Skewer
Special drink: Caipirinhas
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Stand Nr. 12 - India


Highlights of the menu: Lamm Curry, Murgh Tikka Masala
Special drink: Mango Lassi
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Stand Nr. 13 - Vienna coffeehouse

Gigerl der Stadtheurige

Highlights of the menu: Viennese cut up pancake with stewed apricot, rasperry dumplings
Special drink: Iced coffee
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Stand Nr. 14 - Australia

La Mia

Highlights of the menu: Ginger-Honey-Chicken, Surf'n'Turf (Kangaroo & Shrimp)
Special drink: Mango Dream
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Stand Nr. 15 - Greece


Highlights of the menu: Chicken-Gyros Skewer, Fried Calamari
Special drink: watermelon secco "Hellas"
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Stand Nr. 16 - Japan


Highlights of the menu: Salmon Teppanyaki, Chicken Teppanyaki
Special drink: Homemade Lime Lemonade
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Stand Nr. 17 - Dalmatia

Restaurant Galaxie

Highlights of the menu: Seabass Filet, Cevapcici
Special drink: Homemade Lemonade
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Stand Nr. 18 - Orient

Al Fayrooz

Highlights of the menu: Mhammara, Falafel
Special drink: Arabic tea
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Stand Nr. 19 - Sausage Stand

Wiener Rathauskeller

Highlights of the menu: Spicy „Käsekrainer“ (Austrian Sausage filled with Cheese, wrapped in ham)"Threesome” – a degustation of bite sized Austrian sausages
Special drink: Peach lavender-Ginger lemonade
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Stand Nr. 20 - Creperie


Highlights of the menue: Sweet and salty Crêpes
Special drink: Milkshakes
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Stand Nr. 21 in the park - Carinthia

FriDos das Kärntner Pub

Highlights of the menu: Carinthian pasta - spicy, Carinthian pasta - sweet
Special drink: Craft beer
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Stand Nr. 22 in the park - Austrian Wines

Weinfach Vinothek

Highlights of the menu: Mixed cold cuts, cheese platter
Special drink: Austrian wines
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Stand Nr. 23 in the park - Waffeln & Frozen Joghurt

Jaja's Low Carb Café Bistro

Highlights of the menu: Sugarfree Frozen Yoghurt, Low Carb Desserts
Special drink: Protein Shakes
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Stand Nr. 24 in the park - Austrian cuisine

Restaurant "Zum Stöger"

Highlights of the menu: Curry sausage, fresh sliced ham
Special drink: Champagne
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Stand Nr. 25 in the Park - Viennese Wine Bar

Wieno Wines of Vienna

Highlights of the menu: Viennese snails with with Swiss Chreese or with herbs-garlic butter.
Special drink: Viennese Wines including the winner of the "Wiener Weinpreis 2017"
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Stand Nr. 26 in the park - Pizzeria

Toto's Pizzeria Italiana

Highlights of the menu: Pizza, Tiramisu
Special drink: Italian wines
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